Independent Testing Lab Proves 1,000 Square Foot Heating Capabilities of Twin-Star’s Quartz InfraRed

If you’re in the market for a Quartz InfraRed heater or electric fireplace, then you are sure to be familiar with the claims that these devices are capable of heating a one thousand square foot room – but how do you know that these statements are true?

On a mission to stand behind their claims, Twin-Star International paired up with Intertek, an independent testing lab, to conduct a test on how their Black & Decker ®* and Duraflame ®* PowerHeat® Quartz InfraRed heaters and electric fire places performed in this situation. Before testing could begin a 1,000 square foot room had to be built using typical residential construction standards. Once the test room was complete, thermocouples were placed around the room to measure temperature increases at different heights and distances around the heaters.

The data collected by Intertek clearly shows that Twin-Star’s heating capability claims are in-fact true. The 1,500 watt, Quartz InfraRed heaters were able to warm a 1,000 square foot room an average of 8.3 degrees Fahrenheit and held the increased temperature throughout the twenty four hour test period.

When asked why Twin-Star invested so much time and effort into a test to prove a claim that is so broadly used throughout the market, Bill Caples; Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Twin-Star stated “We want our dealers to be able to fully substantiate the claim that our product can indeed heat 1,000 square feet and that they can stand by this product with 100% confidence – others may claim it, but Twin-Star can prove it!”

When deciding on which zone heating products your company will offer to your customers, consider the cold hard facts – Twin-Star Internationals Black & Decker® and Duraflame® Powerheat® line of Quartz InfraRed heaters offer you peace-of-mind in knowing their proven performance and are assured to not leave you out in the cold.


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