HPC Fire Inspired™ Launches ‘Install-Anywhere’ Fire Pit Enclosures

HPC Fire Inspired™ Launches ‘Install-Anywhere’ Fire Pit Enclosures

DAYTON, OH – Homeowners want to jazz up their back yards with a gas fire pit, but don’t want the messy construction of running a gas line, or the visual distraction of attaching a propane tank. The solution is a series of “small tank” fire pit enclosures that actually can hide a 20-pound propane tank inside them, so they can be installed almost anywhere.

These “small tank” enclosures, introduced by HPC Fire Inspired, are CSA-safety-certified, and are ready-to-finish (RTF), which means they can be clad with any non-combustible finishing material, such as brick, block, tile, or stone. Convenient push-button ignition or simple match-lit models are available. Choice of enclosure shapes include round, square, and rectangular.

“Our customers don’t like limitations,” comments HPC CEO Sean Steimle. “Many of our customers have their backyards already hardscaped, but still want an installed finished appearance without adding further construction. These new RTF enclosures do that for them.” Steimle adds, “Customers have also asked to be able to effectively and safely conceal the propane tank. These ‘small tank’ fire pit enclosures are built specifically for them.”


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