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Highwood USA Launches ELK OUTDOORS® Brand

Highwood USA Launches ELK OUTDOORS® Brand

HOMETOWN, PA - ELK OUTDOORS® is the latest brand for the outdoor living market. The highwood® brand has already established a loyal following of users who appreciate the more natural beauty of our synthetic wood and the “no-fuss” ownership benefits. ELK OUTDOORS® simply expands on those values and, with an even higher level of recycled material and traditional styling, it delivers a tremendous value.

“We are 100% driven by our customers and will continue to deliver innovative products that stand out from the crowd. It is so inspiring to see people making their outdoor living spaces beautiful and functional with our products, and to know that our furniture is used as the centerpiece of family and friend gatherings from coast to coast,” said Craig D. Smith, Highwood USA’s director of Sales & Marketing.

ELK OUTDOORS® - A Lifestyle/Value/Everyday Brand
America has a rich and storied history of manufacturing products that transform our daily lives while improving the world in which we live. Nature provides the inspiration for breathtaking colors and designs for ELK OUTDOORS® products.  Best of all, these colors allow us to use extremely high levels of post-industrial waste which means that more plastic is recycled (and less ends up in land-fill). 

The high level of recycled raw material can mean that you will see very slight shade differences within the same product, however this only emphasizes the more natural, real-wood appearance of the products. The ELK OUTDOORS® color palette offers six options for those seeking a woodsy, natural look that makes use of technology to maximize recycled content and help keep our earth looking beautiful. 

All ELK OUTDOORS® products come with a 6-year residential / 1-year commercial warranty. At ELK OUTDOORS® products are quality, environmentally responsible outdoor living items that build on America’s celebrated tradition – “Grow strong.  Grow free.”


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