Hearth Products Controls Launches New and Improved Mobile Bluetooth App

Hearth Products Controls Launches New and Improved Mobile Bluetooth App

  HearthProductsControls (HPC), a leader in firepit and water feature innovation, launched a mobile HPC Fire App available for Apple®and Android™phones. The free Bluetooth®app allows users to pair their device with HPC’s advanced line of Electronic Ignition (EI) High-Low firepits that feature a built-in antenna, enabling remote control. Once a connection is established between the smartphone and HPC’s EI High- Low firepit, app users can perform the following functions: Turn the firepit on and off, change the flame level to high or low, set the flame to a shut-off timer, monitor the internal temperature of the ignition box, and aid in troubleshooting problems that may arise. In addition to this groundbreaking convenience, the EI High-Low line’s updated safety features surpass those of any CSA-certified firepit on the market and provide more dependable ignition service life. Integrated flame-sensing technology shuts down the firepit when the flame is lost and automatically relights it. Should the user forget to turn off the flame, an auto shutoff feature will do it for them.

Together with the HPC Fire app, the EI High- Low firepit series offers enhanced functionality for commercial applications as well. With a simple passcode, users can assign control to anyone with a compatible device to allow multi-operator access. For locations with multiple firepits, each firepit can be named differently within the app and individually controlled for optimum flexibility. In addition, HPC’s EI High-Low firepits have self-diagnostic capabilities that monitor shutdowns and other events, providing user reports with corrective actions.

“This was really a great opportunity for us to not only advance the safety of an already popular Electronic Ignition firepit line, but to explore new ways to deliver the best possible experience for our end users,” says HPC President Greg Steck, who adds that the development of the HPC Fire app was a natural step given that people already rely heavily on their smartphones to manage life’s activities. “In test settings, the app received high marks for ease of use and functionality, so we are excited to bring this latest offering to market as an industry first convenience benefit that residential and commercial users will enjoy.”

The HPC Fire app is available at the App Store and on Google Play. During the setup of the app, users can select from three languages: English, Spanish, and French. The app is easy to use and features simple status and dashboard screens. For additional information on the app, visit www.hpcfire. com/app, or contact Hearth Products Controls at (877) 585-9800, or


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