Debut for New Weber Connect™ Smart Grilling Hub

Debut for New Weber Connect™ Smart Grilling Hub

PALATINE, IL – Weber is introducing the Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2020. It’s a first of its kind, step-by-step grilling assistant that sends notifications directly to a smartphone on everything from grill setup, to when food is ready to flip, serve, and eat. Weber will be showcasing at CES in Las Vegas for the first time ever, debuting the new Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub—which was selected as a CES Innovation Award honoree—at the Weber booth during the show.

Integrating artificial intelligence and nearly 70 years of grilling knowledge, the Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub leverages some of the most advanced smart cooking technology on the market. “Having the right information at the right time is powerful – it’s the key to getting perfect results and developing your skills as a griller. The Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub delivers on that promise and enhances the grilling experience,” said Chris Scherzinger, CEO at Weber-Stephen Products LLC. “Regardless of the type of grill you own, the Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub will seamlessly turn it into a smart grill featuring cutting-edge grilling technology.”

How the Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub works
• Real-time food temperature monitoring: After downloading the Weber Connect mobile app, simply insert the meat probes into food and then connect them to the Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub. If using an ambient probe, then place it inside of the grill using the grate clip provided. The probes monitor real-time food doneness and grill temperature throughout the entire cook. Information is then sent to your smartphone through the Weber Connect app. The app is compatible with iOS and Android.
• Step-by-step assistance: With the Weber Connect app, the griller receives notifications on everything from grill setup, to when it’s time to flip food, change the temperature, and when it’s the perfect doneness to serve. The app will also prompt the griller with tips and techniques to help achieve perfect doneness. It’s like having your own personal grill master by your side every step of the way.
• Access to decades of grilling expertise: The Weber Connect app features a variety of grilling programs, developed by Weber Grill Masters, with detailed instructions. New content will continuously evolve and be added.
• New functionality: Weber Connect will continue to evolve and offer new functionality and features, including a planned Alexa integration in 2020.

“We started with the simple idea of using modern technology to make cooking perfectly easy for anyone, and we applied that to grilling. From smoking a holiday turkey to hosting a backyard barbeque, everyone from the novice griller to an experienced grill master will have the confidence that whatever they make will come out perfectly,” said Matt Van Horn, June CEO and co-founder. “We’ve accomplished the next evolution of cooking technology with the Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub powered by JuneOS, by giving everyone the guidance to unlock their true grilling potential.”

The Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub launches in more than 30 countries in early 2020.