Coyote Outdoor Living Partners with Anthony Carrino, HGTV Co-Host, to Create an Urban Oasis

Coyote Outdoor Living Partners with Anthony Carrino, HGTV Co-Host, to Create an Urban Oasis

Summer in the city often has a negative connotation; heat and the lack of outdoor options fuel a ‘get out of dodge’ attitude. This has all changed now that luxe urban rooftops and patios have become the hottest trend in the Tri-State area. Anthony Carrino, HGTV co-host of the ‘Kitchen Cousins’ and co-founder of ‘Home with the Cousins’ podcast has transformed his Jersey City rooftop into a veritable urban oasis. For city dwellers, the rooftop has become the new backyard.

A rooftop outfitted with high-end grilling equipment, lounging, and dining furniture can provide the feel of a country or suburban backyard. Carrino has thoughtfully planned and designed his outdoor space to create a special entertaining place which also provides an escape from the frenetic city lifestyle. “It is a worthwhile investment for all homeowners. In urban markets, a rooftop deck may return up to 150% of the enhancement project costs in resale value, especially in warmer climates, where homeowners can enjoy their deck year-round.

Anthony shared some thoughts on designing his own rooftop deck.

For entertaining purposes, what do you think are the key components for cooking, seating and visual enhancement of a rooftop?
Scale and proportion are absolutely key when designing any space and it certainly holds true outside. A roof deck has decidedly less space than a yard, for example, so layout and choices are key. With respect to entertaining, I love to cook so both a grill and smoker are top of my list, and I will run them in tandem…for example: smoked wings on my Asado Smoker and then I can get veggies and burgers on my 36” Coyote Grill. When it comes to seating, I like to replicate the feeling of an indoor living room; sophisticated, layered and comfortable.

What have you learned while creating your own rooftop oasis that might help others considering upgrading their urban outdoor space?
The North East is an unforgiving place for outdoor spaces, meaning our weather changes can put your materials through the ringer, so it is key to select quality components if you want them to last year after year. Moreover, the type of materials you are selecting are just as important, as they will play a key role in how much maintenance you have to do up on your rooftop. For example, the powder coating on all of the Coyote Outdoor Living Furniture I selected allows me to simply put out my cushions and enjoy the space. When I had teak furniture up there the amount of power washing that had to be done on a bi-seasonal basis was daunting.

Does the city skyline affect the way you design the space both functionally and aesthetically?
From a functional standpoint, no. From an aesthetic standpoint, yes. As with the design of any space, one must decide what the focal point will be. In my case the backdrop of Jersey City is fantastic, and can be seen in 360 degrees, but when I am designing for clients who have views in one specific direction we definitely plan the space to take full advantage of them.


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