Coyote Outdoor Living Announces Partnership With We Do Brasil

Coyote Outdoor Living Announces Partnership With We Do Brasil

DALLAS - Coyote Outdoor is partnering with We Do Brasil, a Brazil-based company. We Do Brasil will now represent and distribute Coyote’s premier cooking, storage, and refrigeration products in Brazil.

We Do Brasil is headquartered in São Caetano do Sul and is an established company that brings the best brands to Brazilian consumers. Their mission is to deliver high-quality products for reasonable prices, either as distributors or by giving support to brands being launched in Brazil. We Do Brasil focuses on sales and has strong relationships with the premium dealers and retailers. Because of the company’s strengths, they can adjust the needs of a brand to the Brazilian environment.

“With a focus on providing consumers with quality products, We Do Brasil has a mission that is a perfect match for us,” states Jim Ginocchi, president of Coyote Outdoor Living. “This partnership will give Brazilians the opportunity to create their own outdoor kitchen and entertaining space, outside the typical boundaries and constraints of indoor kitchens.”

“We Do Brasil’s partnership with Coyote Outdoor Living proves that we work with the best of the best when it comes to quality brands,” said Helder Zola, owner/partner of We Do Brasil. “We found a great potential in the market for premium grills, and in our research, we found Coyote Outdoor Living to match exactly the expectations we had for quality, performance and market positioning. We are thrilled to work with a company that is committed to making exceptional outdoor kitchens an attainable reality for Brazilians who are passionate about cooking, entertaining or simply relaxing outdoors. We look forward to a long, successful partnership with Coyote Outdoor Living.”


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