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Castelle’s 2018 Rollout Continues With Ventura Collection

Castelle’s 2018 Rollout Continues With Ventura Collection

The Ventura collection is the latest transitional addition for the 2018 season from Castelle. Ventura features a bold, arching design with crossing elements that are punctuated by gentle curves and open supports. Derek Ritzel, president and CEO, says, “The Castelle design team strives, each season, to deliver all original designs that reflect the varied lifestyles of our customers. The Ventura collection is a valuable addition to these efforts, as it provides strength of form and artistry of design through our use of high-quality materials and an unparalleled manufacturing process.”

The crossed arches of the entire Castelle Ventura collection create a distinctive look that carries over to the leg and arm details. This uncomplicated styling is found across the collection’s deep seating and cushioned/sling dining pieces, made using a combination of cast and extruded aluminum. Each unit is available with hundreds of options, including tailored performance-fabric cushions, multistage finishing, and optional hand-applied antiquing.


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