Castelle Introduces Interactive Custom Draping Tool

Castelle Introduces Interactive Custom Draping Tool

Castelle has launched its latest interactive marketing asset, the custom draping tool. Available to consumers and castelle retail partners, this tool offers the ability to customize any collection piece in the entire brand of handcrafted outdoor furnishings with thousands of options, in virtual and printed formats.

Derek Ritzel, former president and ceo, says, “the introduction of sophisticated marketing tools to create a better selling environment for our customers and retail partners is a primary goal for castelle. this interactive draping tool works at the heart of what defines castelle: our customization capabilities. With its ability to provide a visual image of the product (with custom selections) during the research or ordering stage, this tool will allow for more informed decisions—and ultimately, greater satisfaction.”

In each of Castelle’s collections, a cushioned dining chair, a sling dining chair, or a love seat is presented for the draping function. through the online tool and its interactive capabilities, users will be able to create an image of the furnishings as customized by selecting from more than 1,000 possible combinations of desired fabrics and finishes. The easy to-use tool can be accessed from anywhere, including mobile devices.

Finished product images created with the tool can be printed and emailed. if creating the custom image from home or on a mobile device, users also will be able to access information about retailers of the product near them. No login is required for use of the tool, as the draping function will be available directly from any collection page on the castelle website (


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