Alliance for Green Heat 2018 People’s Choice Award Winner: 509 Fabrication

Alliance for Green Heat 2018 People’s Choice Award Winner: 509 Fabrication

WASHINGTON, DC -The Model 509-1 Optimum Stove was recently voted the People’s Choice Winner at a stove burning competition at our Nation’s Capital. Dusty Henderson, founder & CEO of 509 Fabrications, is winning nationwide awards for his innovation and design. By engineering a stove that no one else in the industry has, they have further developed and patented an invention by Frank Reed of Hayden, Idaho, into the World’s First Gravity Fed Pressed Log Burning Stove.

The 509-1 Optimum produces this environmentally friendly heat by burning compacted sawdust logs, which are a by-product of the manufacturing industry. Already passing 2020 emissions standards, this stove can heat a large home and the fuel is stored in half the space of traditional cordwood.

In March 2017, the stove was the winner of the Hearth Patio & BBQ Association Award in Atlanta, GA for Best New Marketable Product of the Year. 

About the award: Alliance for Green Heat Blog:

What makes 509 - 1 Optimum so unique?
• One of the cleanest stoves in the world–burns biomass “log” fuel
• The greenest heat available today
• Innovative testing that duplicates in home use
• Stove is normally vented out the side wall with double wall pipe, rather than through your roof.
• Installation of the stove is easier, safer, and approximately 50% more economical.
• Can burn through the night on a load of fuel generating a 10- to 14-hour burn time.
• Proudly made in the USA in Post Falls, Idaho.


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