Agio Unveils 2019 Outdoor Collections at Las Vegas Market

Agio Unveils 2019 Outdoor Collections at Las Vegas Market

For the first time, agio, usa—a year ahead of time—introduced its outdoor collections for 2019 at the 2018 January las Vegas market. This unprecedented preview demonstrates the manufacturer’s commitment to what it sees as a seismic shift in the outdoor category. mike Gaylord, vice president, says, “With the outdoor sector’s continued growth, coupled with new tradeshow markets emerging to serve our industry, it’s now time to reflect on how manufacturers and retailers plan for upcoming seasons and to adjust our thought processes.”

Agio, working with international market centers and other industry thought leaders, is advocating that las Vegas market’s January trade show should become the industry’s bellwether event and new first-view platform for the following calendar year. “With a preview of new collections months before decision time in July, manufacturers will have the opportunity to incorporate comments from retailers and give collections a custom feel before orders are written,” Gaylord explains. “retailers who take advantage of the opportunity to preview new products in January are gaining the advantage.”

Gaylord envisions the entire industry benefiting from this approach. “From a manufacturing standpoint, it would certainly be a win for us, because we’d gain the ability to hear valuable feedback from retailers and have sufficient time to retool and make necessary adjustments in advance of July’s icFa preview show™,” he says. While agio’s 2019 preview items were not entire collections, attendees saw color blends; shapes; trending materials; and examples of wicker, cast, dining, and deep seating products, as well as agio’s trademark firepits.


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